AWTRIX YouTube设定问题


  • Go to

  • Log in with your Google account.

  • Next to the logo click on ‘Project’ and ‘Create project’. Name it whatever you want and click on ‘Create’.

  • Wait until the project is created, the page will switch to it by itself, it will take a couple of seconds up to a minute. Once it’s done it will be selected next to the logo.

  • Once it’s created and selected, click on ‘Credentials’ from the menu on the left.

  • Click on ‘Create Credentials’ and choose ‘API Key’.

  • Copy your API KEY

Login to YouYube website and select ‘My channel’. You will get the ID from the page adress afer /Channel/. e.g.

按照上面我填写了 API KEY 和 ChannelID 但是我的YouTube订阅数量显示还是0 想请教下该如何设置;

已经搞定了,记得在 信息中心 里面启用 YouTube Data API v3


GoogleAPIs里面点左边三个横线,API和服务,库。选择下面的 YouTube Data API v3,先点启用,然后点管理,点左侧的配额。右边点 [“配额”页面]每个都点一下,把前面的全球勾上。就显示了。